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NIETZSCHE - honored These are qualities that serve to...

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_____________________________ ___________________________ Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil 1. Why is Aristocratic society the basis of every enhancement of the type “man”? Aristocratic society believes in a rank ordering and hierarchy among men—this distance allows it to grow. 2. What attitude characterizes a healthy aristocracy? A healthy aristocracy feels itself to be the meaning and justification of the community. 3. How is a healthy aristocracy like the climbing plant Sipo matador? It uses society to climb…society exists to serve a higher kind of being. 4. Why is it a negation of life to refrain from injuring and exploiting the weaker? Life itself is essentially a process of overcoming. TO NOT OVERCOME IS TO DENY LIFE 5. What is the "primal fact" of all history? exploitation 6. In master morality what do "good" and "bad" mean? Good=noble Bad=cowardly, despicable, and petty 7. In slave morality why are qualities such as pity, patience, humility, and friendliness
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Unformatted text preview: honored? These are qualities that serve to alleviate suffering…THEY ARE PRACTICAL AND USEFUL. .they provide help to hold up under the pressure of existence 8. Why is it difficult for a noble person to comprehend vanity? Vanity is tasteless and shows a lack of self respect. The noble person can’t understand why people can hold high opinions of themselves when they don’t possess the real qualities. 9. In what sense is the noble soul naturally egoistic? It is part of the primordial law of things to be egoistic…SET THEIR OWN VALUES AND BELIEVE THAT OTHERS ARE THERE TO SACRFICE FOR THEM…they accept this fact without question 10. How do noble people reveal who they are? They have a fundamental certainty about themselves and revere themselves. Not by their works, but by their faith. Can’t be looked for nor can they be found—the noble soul has reverence for itself....
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