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University of Nevada, Las Vegas Djeto Assané Department of Economics Beh 506 Econ 261 [email protected] Practice problems for Exam 1 (scheduled for September 22) 1. For which of central value will the sum of the deviations of each value from the average always be zero? A. mean B. mode C. median D. none of the above 2. The relationship between the variance and the standard deviation is: A. variance is the square root of the standard deviation B. variance is the square of the standard deviation C. variance is twice the standard deviation D. there is no relationship between variance and standard deviation 3. Variability is measured by: A. the mean B. the median C. the standard deviation D. the mode 4. It is possible for a data set to contain: A. two means B. two medians C. two modes D. all of the above 5. The range of a data set is: A. the difference between any two values B. the difference between the smallest and largest values C. the difference between the mean and the median D. none of the above 6. Which of the following is referred to as the sample mean? A. X-bar B. μ C. sample D. none of the above 1
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7. Which measures of central values are not affected by extremely low or extremely high values? A. mean and median B. mean and mode C. mode and median D. none of the above 8. The range of values of the coefficient of correlation is: A. -1% and 1% inclusive B. 0 and + 1 inclusive C. -1 and +1 inclusive D. unlimited values 9. What does it mean if r = -1 for two variables X and Y? A. X can perfectly predict Y B. X and Y are not dependent on each other C. high values of X are associated with low values of Y D. none of the above 10. Which of the following measures of dispersion are based on deviation from the mean? A.
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Exam 1 Practice - University of Nevada, Las Vegas...

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