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Fundamentals of Micromachining Final Report Guidelines BIOEN 6421, EL EN 5221 and 6221, ME EN 5960 and6960 4/25/02 Guidelines for Generating the Final Report The final design report for the class will be due in the Mechanical Engineering office (MEB 2202) before I pick them up on the morning of Monday, May 6 around 9 AM. The safest time to turn in the reports would be the Friday before. You should include in the final report sections on all of the materials you have turned in to date. These sections should be updated and made to flow together. Use a 12 point font, single spaced, 1 inch margins. Sections to include with page length recommendations (page recommendations are for text, images may increase the number of pages required) are as follows: Section # of Pages 1. Introduction 1 2. Motivation/Rationale for the Project Half 3. Literature Search (minimum 10 references, preferably more) 1 4. Concept generation and ranking (Brainstorming)
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Unformatted text preview: 1 5. Customer Requirements and Functional Specifications 1 6. Modeling and Scaling Effects As needed 7. Fabrication Process and Flowchart (including Mask Layout) As needed 8. Results of fabrication including successes and failures As needed 9. Plan for Packaging and Testing 1 10. Conclusions and future plans/recommendations 1 11. References As needed You will note that a uniqueness section does not exist. You may include a section on uniqueness, or you may include references to the unique aspects of your project throughout the paper. Reports will be graded using the following criteria: Organization and Clarity /10 Innovation/Uniqueness /10 Background/Introduction /5 Design Quality (Concept and FS) /10 Completeness /5 Fabrication/ Mask Layout /20 Appropriate detail /5 Modeling and Scaling Effects /15 Literature search /5 Packaging and Testing /5 Results of fabrication /10 Comments:...
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