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Lab 02 Photolithography - f Acid SC-II(Removes remaining...

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Fundamentals of Micromachining Lab BIOEN 6421/EL EN 5221 and 6221/ME EN 5960 and 6960 Lab Assignment: To prepare a spin curve for Shipley 1400 Positive Photoresist 1. Review of lab notebook and attendance 2. Overview of the lab a. Spinning b. Positive and negative resist c. Masks d. Aligners e. Developing f. Inspection g. Measurement and Photoresist thickness h. Photoresist removal i. Wafer and mask carrying 3. Tasks I. Preliminary cleaning: a) Acetone/ Methanol cleaning followed by DI water spray/ rinse (Standard degreasing) b) Base SC-I:(To remove organics and certain metal contaminants) 100 ml DI water/20 ml H 2 O 2 / 20 ml Nh 4 OH 10 min/80 0 C c) DI water rinse: 5min with boat/ 30 sec with spray d) 50:1 HF dip 15 sec e) DI water rinse: 25 sec
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Unformatted text preview: f) Acid SC-II: (Removes remaining atomic and ionic contaminants) 125 ml DI water/20 ml H2O2/ 20 ml HCl 10 min/80 C g) DI water rinse: 25 sec h) Blow dry/ spin dry II. Photolithography a) Spin HDMS 15 Sec/3000 RPM (Keep 15 sec on the wafer then spin) b) Spin Positive resist Shipley 1400 30 Sec/500…3000 RPM c) Pre bake (Hot plate) 1 min/100 C d) Align/ expose 45 Sec e) Develop with 352 Dev. 30 Sec f) Inspect g) Post bake (Hot plate) 1 min/150 C III. Thickness measurement using Dektac IV. Resist Stripping a) 1110 Stripper 10 min/80 C b) Rinse with Isopropyl Alcohol c) DI water rinse d) Spin dry Or a) Acetone/ Methanol treatment 1 min/r.t. V. Spin curve VI. Draw a process flow diagram...
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