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Unformatted text preview: Fundamentals of Microfabrication Pattern Generation Laboratory 1. Draw pattern in AutoCAD LT a. Use 3” x 3” mask – Go to Import/Export DXF >> DXF in, on C:\, select 3x3mask.DXF b. Pick layer color other than white c. Use PLINE and SOLID commands – enter coordinates as indicated d. Save to A:\ as *.DXF 2. Convert *.DXF to *.GDSII format in LinkCAD a. DXF Import Options – Set 1 μ m in DXF is 1 μ m in GDSII, check all boxes b. DXF Export Options – Leave a default c. Repair open polygons – errors on top, check repair options, hit repair, then view in View window d. Select Layer – turn off (bulbs in right frame) all other layers e. Convert file, with name *.GDSII 3. Convert *.GDSII to *.DWM using program “gds2pg” a. Open GDSII file b. Hit Open to create CFG file c. Hit OK on structure selection d. Go to Options >> Layers i. Select layers in check boxes ii. Name file as *.DWM e. Hit Translate f. Got to View PG – Right click and use Zoom and Measure functions to verify changes that may have happened...
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