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Lab 09-12 Projects - Lab 9-12 Project Work The remaining...

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Lab 9-12: Project Work The remaining weeks in the lab will be spent fabricating and testing the projects you have proposed. Important issues in this process are given below: 1. Mask designs must be completed as soon as possible. We will primarily be using masks generated on a high resolution printer. The masks will be printed on an overhead transparency and will all be printed at once. You neeed to e-mail your mask layout to David Chang-yen at [email protected] BY FRIDAY AT 12 NOON . Your mask layout needs to be in an .eps format (a postscript format). Thus, you can use any appropriate software to generate your mask layout. If you mask features are less than 5 microns, you will need to generate an emulsion mask as done in class. Accordingly, you will need to meet with David to arrange this process. If your mask has structures greater than 70 microns only, you can easily make your masks by printing directly to an overhead using a laser printer or inkjet printer. (Some new inkjet printers give resolution down to about 20 microns).
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