Lecture 15 LIGA - Outline Introduction to the LIGA...

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Introduction to the LIGA Microfabrication Process Dr. Bruce K. Gale Fundamentals of Microfabrication What is LIGA? The LIGA Process Lithography Techniques Electroforming Mold Fabrication Analyzing Processing Problems Outline LI thographie Lithography G alvanoformung Electroforming A bformung Moulding What is LIGA ? Lithography In general terms lithography is an image transfer process using ……. Visible and UV Light Electron Beam Ion Beam Laser Machining X-ray For LIGA The key consideration is high aspect ratio structures are required The LIGA Process
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High Aspect Ratio Patterning Height: ~250μm Width: ~ 14 μm Height: ~360μm Width: ~ 14 μm Specialized Optical Lithography Processes SU-8 Resist Shadow Printing Using X-rays X-ray mask Resist Substrate Development X-ray Lithography top dose: maximum dose allowed at top of resist before bubble formation occurs bottom dose: minimum dose needed at resist-substrate interface to completely dissolve the resist critical dose: maximum dose underneath absorber to avoid
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Lecture 15 LIGA - Outline Introduction to the LIGA...

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