Lecture 19 MEMS Metrology

Lecture 19 MEMS Metrology - Metrology What is metrology It...

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MEMS Metrology Dr. Bruce K. Gale Fundamentals of Micromachining Metrology • What is metrology? – It is the science of weights and measures • Refers primarily to the measurements of length, wetight, time, etc. • Mensuration- A branch of applied geometry – It measure the area and volume of solids from lengths and angles • It also includes other engineering measurements for the establishment of a flat, plane reference surface What is a Measurement • A measurement is an act of assigning a specific value to a physical variable • The physical variable becomes the measured variable • Measurements provide a basis for judgements about – Process information – Quality assurance – Process control Measurable Parameters • What do we want to measure? • Length or distance •M a s s • Temperature • Elemental composition •V i s c o s i t y • Diplacements or distortions
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Measurement Systems and Tools • Measurement systems are important tools for the quantification of the physical variable • Measurement systems extend the abilities of the human senses, while they can detect and recognize different degrees of physical variables • For scientific and engineering measurement, the selection of equipment, techniques and interpretation of the measured data are important Components of a Measuring System Importance of Metrology • In human relationships, things must be counted and measured • Metrology is an absolute necessity for human development – This necessity increased greatly with the advent of the industrial age • As society develops further, metrology must also be refined further How Important are Measurements? • Measurement is the language of science
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Lecture 19 MEMS Metrology - Metrology What is metrology It...

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