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We are still having some problems with generating masks. Here are a few that are known to work. 1. Adobe Illustrator works the best. Please save the file as version 8 or less. 2. Cadence (Virtuoso) seems to be working well. To save your file, go to the plot command and save the file as an .eps. If you can't figure out how to do that, plot the file as a .ps file and then convert it using ps2eps. That should result in a .epsi file that we can use. 3. If you can convert your file to Adobe Acrobat, then we can use that also, but you may lose some resolution. Conversions of this type can be done at Adobe's website. 4. A .jpg, .bmp, or .tif file will also work, but scaling is an issue, so be careful. 5. If you provide a reference bar in you files, it will help us in scaling your picture in case it does not come across cleanly. 6. Pro Engineer is not a simple program to use. If you are not familiar with it, do not use it. The sketch program does not embed units and will not work well for you. We will allow time Tuesday from 3-4 for you to stop by and ensure that
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