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Poster Guidelines for Fundamentals of Micromachining Class The purpose of a poster is to quickly convey the basic information associated with the work being presented, while also allowing the interested observer the opportunity to understand the deeper issues surrounding the work. The poster session will be held in the EMCB on the “interior wall”. Be sure your poster will fit in one of the window sections. Also, you will need to bring something to put up your poster with. If it is on poster board, you may just be able to set it in one of the window frames. Regarding poster content, you should have a title section, a references section, and a section for each of the areas that you turned in for the class and will turn in on your project report. You may also want to put in specific pages or bullets related to the areas will be given importance in the grading process. The poster grading sheets are available on the web.
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Unformatted text preview: Poster grading will take place in your lab section if you have lab on Thursday , so bring your poster to lab. If your lab section is on Tuesday or Friday, your poster grading will take place during the poster session itself. Grading of all posters will be performed by lab TAs. For the purposes of the class, a full-blown, conference ready poster is not required. Instead, I would recommend a “modular” format. This can be accomplished one of two ways: 1. Putting the materials for the poster on several individual pages and then attaching the individual pages to one large poster board as shown below. The pages could be oriented in either direction as well as the poster board on which they are mounted. Yellow represents the poster board or backing. 2. Putting the materials for the poster on several individual pages and attaching each page to its own backing, as shown below....
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