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Fundamentals of Micromachining 1/15/02 Term Project Outline Term Project Deadlines All items due in lab on week of due date Assignment of Groups January 17 Project Topic, Motivation/Rationale for the Project and the Problem Definition March 4 Literature Search (One page summary/minimum 10 references) March 11 Ranking of Potential Solutions (Brainstorming) (minimum 5 approaches to problem)March 11 Customer Requirements and Functional Specifications March 18 Modeling and Scaling Effects March 25 Fabrication Flowchart April 1 Mask Layout April 8 Plan for Packaging and Testing April 15 Poster Presentation May 2 Design Project Results and Report DUE MAY 3 Partial fabrication results will be acceptable in the event you choose a complex, long-term project. The amount of fabrication and testing you do will need to be approved by the TA for your lab section. Thus, keep in mind the level of complexity you are developing as you
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Unformatted text preview: prepare your design project and select a topic and problem. For all students registered for a 5000 level course, you will be doing the project as a group of 3 students. Groups will be assigned by the instructor. When the project topic is turned in, groups will need to indicate how work will be assigned in the group, and each assignment will need to indicate the relative effort from each individual on that assignment. The assignments can be spread among team members, but each team member should have an approximately equal share of the work. Grades for individual team members will be raised and lowered based on effort reported by themselves and team members. All assignments will be graded as part of the final project grade. Typical expectations include 1 full page of information on the particular topic (single spaced) unless there is clearly a need for more or less than this....
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