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Proposal Guidelines - Fundamentals of Micromachining...

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Fundamentals of Micromachining Project Proposal Guidelines Proposal Guidelines The best project is one that is solving a problem. Therefore, if you can state your project as the solution to a problem, it will help organize your project. Of course we are looking for problems that can be solved by MEMS, but MEMS are not always the best solution. Nevertheless, choose a problem to solve that could have a MEMS solution, since that is how we will approach it for the purposes of this class. Here are some additional guidelines: 1. The project you choose does not need to be completed in this class, but you need to indicate what parts of the project you will complete by the end of this class. Thus, if for your project you want to build a MEMS sensor that requires significant electronic controls, you can do that for your project, but you might indicate that you will not build the control circuitry as part of the project.
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