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EMA 4125 Homework 2 Due September 19th 9. If the thickness of a silicon wafer is 625 microns, how long will it take for a heat pulse to traverse across its thickness. The thermal conductivity is 0.3 W/m/K and its density and heat capacity per unit mass is 2.3 gm/cm3 and 1.0 J/Kg/K, respectively. Also (i) estimate how long will it take for the heat diffusion to change from a steady state to a steady state heat flow
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Unformatted text preview: problem. 10: A boron film is on the surface of a 100 micron silicon wafer. If the diffusivity of boron in silicon is 3E-8 cm2/sec. Calculate the approximate (i) Distance boron will diffuse in (a) 10 sec and (2)1 hr (ii) Calculate the approximate time for the boron diffusion to be steady state problem....
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