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EMA 3013C Maddox Foundry Trip Answer these questions as a Materials Science Engineer. 1.) When was Maddox Foundry founded? 2.) What are the compositions of the alloys that Maddox Foundry casts? 3.) What is the application of a shrinkage ruler? Why are there several different ones? 4.) What is a sprue? 5.) What is the function of the riser? 6.) What are most of Maddox’s molds made from? 7.)
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Unformatted text preview: What is the name of the mold container? What is the name of the top of the mold? What is the name of the bottom of the mold? 8.) In the early days, what utilities did Maddox Foundry provide for the town of Archer? 9.) What is the industry of most of Maddox’s customers? 10.) What materials are used for patterns at Maddox? 11.) What type of furnace does Maddox use to melt ferrous alloys?...
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