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Phase Diagrams Lab Assignment and study guide 1.) Download the Sn-Bi binary phase diagram with grid from WebCT. Set the phase diagram up for landscape orientation. Using the temperature versus time curves generated by the class, plot transformation temperature(s) versus composition on the phase diagram for tin bismuth. Make sure you show some distinction between the data points determined air cooling curves on the hot plate versus the data points generated by furnace cooling curves. Some of the data does not represent the phase transformations because the thermal couples “popped” out of the alloy. You should be able to deduce which if any curves were affected. Bring the plot you make to class with you. It is question #1 on the quiz. The following questions are not to be turned in. The concepts may appear in some form on the quiz. 2.) How does the data generated by experimentation compare with the phase
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Unformatted text preview: diagram from the literature? 3.) Explain the thermal couple effect. You should have an excellent reference for this information at your disposal, and no, it is not the internet. What is a k-type thermocouple and why was this one chosen for this lab? 4.) Read the introduction to phase diagrams from the ASM Handbook vol. 3 and review Callister Chapter 9. You should be very comfortable with the homework problems 9.1 9.25, and 9.27 9.45. Make sure you understand the 26 errors in the phase diagram in the paper, Thermodynamically Improbable Phase Diagrams, by Massalski. Read the derivation for Gibbs Phase Rule. Read the lab manual. All of these documents are available through the e-learning site for this class. 5.) From the P-T unary phase diagram for bismuth explain in detail how you can determine that bismuth expands upon the liquid to solid transformation when cooling at 1 atm....
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