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Homework #4 Due Tuesday 10/5/10 1. Consider the monomers used to form PET. For each of the following ratios of monomers, determine Xn at 100% conversion. Note: The diol is the monomer with 2 OH's, and the diester is the monomer with the benzene ring. a. 2 moles of diol and 2 moles of diester. b. 2 moles of diol and 4 moles of diester. c. 4 moles of diol and 2 moles of diester. d. 50 moles of diol and 45 moles of diester 2. You are conducting a homogeneous free radical polymerization, and would like to increase the
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Unformatted text preview: rate by 50%. If the monomer concentration is to be kept constant, how much change in initiator concentration is required to do this? How much of a change in molecular weight will this cause? 3. In preparing an emulsion polymerization, you use a soap concentration of 0.5 wt%. If the CMC for this soap is 2 wt%, what equations would you use to determine the rate and chain length of the polymer that results from the polymerization? You must also explain your choice....
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