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Homework #9 Due Tuesday 11/30/10 1. You are given the following four monomers from which to create a polymer. The primary requirement for this polymer is that it be recyclable. Identify which monomers you will use to create your polymer, and explain your choice. 2. a. The cure exotherm for a particular thermoset monomer is 0.85 kJ/g. The monomer is cured for 30 minutes at 100º C, and the residual cure exotherm that is measured is 0.53 kJ/g. What percentage of polymerizable groups have reacted after 30 minutes at 100º C (degree of cure)?
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Unformatted text preview: b. For the thermoset of part a, at 100º C gelation occurs at 53% reaction and vitrification occurs at 67% reaction. What is the physical state of the material at 100º C after 30 minutes of cure? c. Would you expect the physical state to change if the partially reacted thermoset (30 minutes at 100º C) was cooled to room temperature? Explain why or why not, and if it would change describe the physical state it would be in. OH HO OH HO OH COH O HOC O HO COH O (a) (b) (c) (d)...
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