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Laboratory strengthening mechanisms part 1

Laboratory strengthening mechanisms part 1 - EMA 3080C...

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EMA 3080C Laboratory Strengthening Mechanisms in Eutectoid Steel: Part I Heat Treating 1. Introduction This lab will span 3 to 4 lab sessions depending on our progress. You will heat treat, prepare metallographic samples, characterize with microscopy, and mechanically test. In this lab, you will use a variety of Materials Science concepts such as: strengthening mechanisms, phase diagrams, continuous cooling diagrams, phase transformations, heat treatments, hardness testing, and equilibrium vs. metastable phases. As mentioned above, this lab will span multiple sessions. You will write an individual lab report. Each student will turn in a report, so make sure you keep good notes. The report will encompass all of the labs for the next 3-4 weeks. Suggested reading for this lab includes the following sections from Callister: 4.9- 4.10, 5.3-5.5, 6.10, 7.6-7.13, 9, 10.4-10.9, and 11.7-11.8. 2. Materials 14 near eutectoid steel samples (hair pins) propane or mapp torch candle water oil wire cutters pliers sample mounting cups epoxy mounting resin 3. Procedures 3.1
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