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Miller Indices Three index notation For directions in three axis systems, directions are indexed by drawing a line through the origin parallel to the direction to be indexed. This line will have indices based on the vector sum of the components along the coordinate axis. Reduce the indices to lowest possible integer. [ ] UVW For planes, take the reciprocals of the intercepts of the axes. If necessary, remove fractions by multiplying through by a common denominator. ( ) HKL Four index notation. I find the easiest way to index planes or directions in four index notation is to first index
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Unformatted text preview: in three index notation, then use the following convention to convert. For planes with three index notation, ( ) HKL , h H = , k K = , ( ) i H K = -+ , and l L = , yielding ( ) hkil four index notation. For a direction given as [ ] UVW , (2 ) 3 n u U V =-, (2 ) 3 n v V U =-, ( ) t u v = -+ , w nW = , giving ( ) uvtw , where n is a number required to reduce indices to the lowest possible integer....
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