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Proper procedures for laboratory notebooks 1. Your notebook must be bound without removable pages. All pages must be numbered prior to initial use. If you number both sides of the page, you must use both sides or you must draw a line through the un-used page. If you number only one side of the page, you must not use the un-numbered page. 2. All entries must be made in ink. Entries must be neat and legible. Carry a straight edge for lines. 3. The first page of your notebook is to be titled, “signature page.” This page is for my signature only. 4. The second page of your notebook is to be titled, “Table of contents.” 5. All entries are to be dated and initialed.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. All data entries must be dated and witnessed by your lab partner(s) and the lab supervisor. 7. A person of reasonable scientific ability should be able to read, understand, and repeat your experimentation from your lab notebook. 8. Record all data as it is collected, including data thought to be a negative result. 9. Errors are to be indicated by drawing a single line through the entry. No entry is to be erased or made illegible. 10. No portion of a page should be left blank. If an experiment ends with space left on the page, and you start a new page for a new experiment, the blank portion of the previous page must have a line drawn through it....
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