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Report Grading Rubric - EMA 3080/3013 Lab Report Grading...

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EMA 3080/3013 – Lab Report Grading Rubric – A-grade – Formatting : Paper is free of formatting errors. Style is clear and concise – double spacing; references are correctly placed; paper is correctly split into major sections; margins are justified or right-side based if small; paragraphs have a reasonable format (i.e. no overhangs, etc.). The font size is 12. : Figures and tables provided are useful and engaging to the reader. (By guidelines there are at least 3 figures and/or tables included). Figures are identified and explained in a caption below the Figure. Tables are identified and explained in a caption above the Table. Both are called out within the text . While referencing a Figure by parenthetical method is O.K., preference will be given to mentioning the Figure by name [i.e. Figure 2 shows… rather than – …evidence shows the following (Figure 2)]. Figures are not embedded into the text. Tables are simple and concise – large amounts of data or analysis is kept for the discussion. Science [content] : Content of paper is impeccable, with scientific content explained and justified both with literature and through experimentation analysis. Any important claims in the introduction or discussion are referenced appropriately. Any conclusions drawn from the study will be explained sufficiently through experimental evidence. Figures support abstract concepts and/or show resolved trends (i.e. graphs). References : At least 3 scientific references have been included. All references are used correctly within the paper – there should be at least 1 reference within the introduction. Reference page is included at end of paper (separate page), with references listed in order they appear. All references are correctly listed. If websites have been used, an id of the website is given (i.e. more than just a URL) – if possible authorship is given. Style and Grammar
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This note was uploaded on 11/16/2011 for the course EMA 3080 taught by Professor Bourne during the Fall '10 term at University of Florida.

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Report Grading Rubric - EMA 3080/3013 Lab Report Grading...

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