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Midterm-feedback-185-F2010 - for it and what do you think...

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EE185 Fall 2010 Mid-term feedback Please hand in on Wednesday 10/27/10 Section:___________ in case you have a comment on the Lab please indicate your section. Please feel free to give your comments on ways to make this a better class. One of the challenges university classes is to make sure we hear from the students and their opinions. We believe waiting for evaluation that shows up at the end of the term is too late. Here is a chance to help us make a more effective class. Please do not put your names nor codes. We are interested in your opinions. Thanks for your time and efforts. 1. Please let us know what was your expectation for this class when you signed up
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Unformatted text preview: for it, and what do you think about it now? Is this what you expected? 2. Do you think the class is at the right level for you and your background? 3. Let us know what can be done to help you learn more? What would you suggest to change, improve to offer a better class? You can talk about the lecture + and the labs 4. What is the best part of the class for you? 5. Please feel free to let us know, any ideas, problem, comments that you feel is appropriate. Our goal is to make sure you are learning, being challenged and feeling a part of the department....
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