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lecture10 - III Magnetism 1 Electromagnetism in the...

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III. Magnetism It is about: q - electric charges (magnetic charges do not exist) F - electromagnetic forces E - electric fields B - magnetic fields The two most important questions: (1) How to find the force, F on the electric charge, q exerted by the field E and/or B? (2) How fields E and/or B can be created? Answers: (1) 1. Electromagnetism in the laboratory and around us 2. Electromagnetism is simple. (If you know what it is!) B v q E q F × + = - velocity of the charge q v (2) Four Maxwell's equations
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3. Electromagnetic forces a) Electric forces (review): r r r qQ k F 2 = E q F E = r r r Q k E 2 = Example1: (field created by one charge) Example2: (field created by a group of charges) Two positive particles of equal charge, Q, are located at the corners of an equilateral triangle of side d. What is the electric field at the third corner of the triangle? What is the electric force on a positive charge, q placed at the third corner?
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