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I am the mother to 3 children; a daughter who is 12 a son that’s 2 and a new baby boy only 7 mos. I have 5 brothers and when my dad remarried 9 yrs ago I acquired a sister who is also 12. I am making a career change and have decided to go into nursing to give myself an open schedule and to stay in an industry that is helping others and hopefully always in demand. I just got back from an 8 day cruise in the Western Caribbean with 21 other family members including my children. We flew to Florida, and then got on the ship: it was quite the excursion to travel with so many others. Because of the trip I had no internet so I am just now responding. I have never taken a course with Rio before, just my prerequisite tests and haven’t been in college in nearly 10 yrs. I am taking this class simple because it is a requirement for my ASN. I am already feeling overwhelmed in trying to locate everything on the site, so I might be asking allot of questions in the beginning. Since this is my 3
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