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Nature vs. Nurture Evolutionary Psychologists agree with these findings and support the evolutionary approaches on data. Evolution has bred into us a tendency to act in ways that maximize our chance of passing on our genes. Because of the problems most species have faced they have evolved them to differ in aggressiveness, dominance and sexual strategies. Male: Compete with each other Try to win female, then inseminate them Want sex more often fickle and promiscuous Drawn to sexual novelty and even rape Females: Are more selective
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Unformatted text preview: Attach themselves to dominant males • Want stability and security • Not so concerned with dominance and competitiveness They seem so different, although both males and females did rank kindness, intelligence and understanding over physical qualities and financial status. 2) As far as primates go, the difference between males and females were similar to the difference in males and female humans. Although, with male primates they are more likely to ‘father’ the young, by feeding them, carrying them, and protecting them....
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