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Research and Design Step 1: Children raised below the poverty line are worse off with money than children raised above the poverty line. (Use debt to income ratio) Step 2: A child that never has money and whose family struggle, never has the opportunity to learn how to manage money. Step 3: Adults whom grew up above the poverty line as children referred to as (AP) and Below the poverty line referred to as (BP). AP Will have a lower debt to credit ratio in their mid 30’s BP will have a higher debt to credit ratio in their mid 30’s BP will have no credit in their mid 30’s AP will use cash to pay for everything and have no credit therefore a bad credit ratio. Long studies with kids may have a higher incident of dropping out or kids may not want to participate when they become adults Step 4: I would use a few different observation techniques to observe the study group since it is a long term study. I would start off with Naturalistic observation to start the study and see under what
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Unformatted text preview: circumstances people are living and to observe their children in a more comfortable environment. . I will also need to check in the group at intervals of their life. Tests and surveys to find a diverse variety of people and to assist in further classify them, after the results are reached, into smaller result groups. Case study to check on the history of peoples credit vs. debt, the national averages, and to add insight on economical factors that could also effect results. Step 5: I would use a variety of people. (in the thousands range.) Parents who are raising their own children either above or below poverty line. A wide amount of ages that can later be broken down into sub groups. . A diverse amount of backgrounds and ethnicities Variables that may affect results: % of ethnicities % of high school grads vs. dropouts How close or far a member is to the poverty line Comprehension and parental Education...
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