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Final Discharge - underground aquifers As can be seen...

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Final Discharge In the final step of the wastewater treatment process, treated effluent from the Landis Sewerage Authority is sprayed into 180 acres of forestland. If not overloaded, bacteria in the environment will consume any organic contaminants in the effluent and greatly decrease the number of disease-causing microorganisms that could infiltrate the groundwater. Thus, a larger concentration of microorganisms in the effluent will cause more damage to groundwater and
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Unformatted text preview: underground aquifers. As can be seen through this simple relationship, the Landis Sewerage Authority’s wastewater treatment process is vital, as it provides a means to continue the water cycle and enable fresh water to flow to homes throughout Vineland, New Jersey. http://landissewerageauthority.com/Overview.html...
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