Linear Momentum of a Water Jet Intro

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Linear Momentum of a Water Jet ____________________ Emberle Lawson ____________________ Jess Mendenhall ____________________ Jacob Taylor-Team Leader ____________________ Michael Spanier July 14, 2011 Fluid Mechanics I-ENGR 01342 1 Jesse F. Van Kirk Introduction The objective of this lab was to determine the force on a stationary target due to a water jet. This force is the force required to keep a stationary plate at a specified level mark. Using Newton’s second law, the linear momentum equation, as a basis of comparison, the experimental and
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Unformatted text preview: theoretical velocities and forces of the jet stream were calculated and analyzed. The assumption that the magnitude of the velocity will not vary, but the direction will vary, was also a basis for the experiment. When the water jet impacts a target, it changes direction. This concept is crucial in most fluid-mechanical systems, such as turbines and compressors. This experiment shows how well theoretical equations predict the momentum a target will face. Conclusion...
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