Tax project #37 - ACGT6540-001 Taxation of Business...

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Alice J. and Bruce M. Byrd are married taxpayers who file a joint return. Their Social Security numbers are 123-45-6789 and 111-11-1111, respectively. Alice’s birthday is September 21, 1963, and Bruce’s is June 27, 1962. They live at 473 Revere Avenue. Ames, MA 01850. Alice is the office manager for Ames Dental Clinic, 433 Broad Street, Ames, Ma 01850(employer identification number 98- 765432). Bruce is the manager of a Super Burger fast-food outlet owned and operated by Plymouth Corporation, 1247 Central Avenue, Hauppauge, NY 11788 (employer identification number 11-1111111). The following information is shown on their Wage and Tax Statements ( Form W-2) for 2010. Line Description Alice Bruce 1 Wages, tips, other compensation $52,600 $61,500 2 Federal income tax withheld 4,180 5,990 3 Social Security wages 52,600 61,500 4 Social Security tax withheld 3,261 3,813 5 Medicare wages and tips 52,600 61,500 6 Medicare tax withheld 763 892 15 State Massachusetts Massachusetts 16 State wages, tips, etc. 52,600 61,500 17 State income tax withheld 2,280 2,990 The Byrds provide over half of the support of their two children, Cynthia (born January 25,
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Tax project #37 - ACGT6540-001 Taxation of Business...

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