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September 18, 2009 To: Dr. Linda Northey, Instructor From: Jason Jordan Subject: Analysis of my Current Work Group The purpose of this memo is to provide an analysis of my current work group at Smoothie Factory (LTCF, LLC.) and its use of communication within the retail store. The analysis will be based upon topics provided in Audience/Reader Analysis assignment. Inter-Store Communication between Employees and Management. The primary channels of communication used in this retail store vary depending on the severity of the issues or notices. For example, if a notice is posted by the store owner for everyone to read, it is normally sent via email to everyone as this is the most convenient way to display the message. If the message is regarding private information, or something that is too sensitive to be displayed to everyone in the group, then a face-to-face meeting is held between the owner and the individual. Inter-Store Communication between Employees.
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