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Peer Evaluation Form Your Name _______Jason Jordan ___________________________________ Group Number ___2______ Class: MGT4316 Online Part I. In this section list your responsibilities and the parts of the project for which you were responsible. List all tasks connected with the project, including researching, writing, editing, typing, copying, making visual aids, presenting, etc. I was in charge of answering Question 3 with Kelly McDaniel as well as making sure that everyone was on task with the date that we agreed upon for our submission. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part II. Please write a paycheck to the other members of your team for their contribution to the teamwork as follows: In giving your teammates a paycheck, you have $100 available for each team member (other than yourself). Thus, if the team size is eight (including yourself), you have $700 to distribute among your teammates. Allocate the money in the manner you believe properly reflects each person’s relative contribution to the
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