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Jason Jordan Kelly McDaniel Question 3 In managing its Euro Disneyland operations, what are three mistakes that the company made? Explain. 1. Disney management, in its initial attempt to hire employees for the theme park, alienated the local population by imposing standards that did not represent the French culture. As the reading states “a handbook of detailed rules on acceptable clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry, among other things, embroiled the company in a legal and cultural dispute. Critics asked how the brash Americans could be so insensitive to French culture, individualism, and privacy (236).” Additionally the U.S. based Disney went through several name changes from its opening day on April 12, 1992 which lead to a lot of confusion among the French customer base. From Euro Disneyland to Disneyland Resort Paris in 2002 to the final name today of Disneyland Pairs the company has tried tirelessly to draw attention to the troubled park with little avail.
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