DB 1 Introduction - active reading and responding to ALL...

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Discussion Board 1 You are expected to post at least two messages on the discussion board. You can: respond to the questions raised by the instructor; discuss real-world financial issues which are closely related to the topics; respond to the postings or questions raised by your classmates; pose a question for us relevant to our topics. A maximum of 15 points will be awarded for quality commentary and responding to all questions. Posting the minimum required two messages will result in a “C” type of grade or 10-11 points. Extra points at the end of the semester will be awarded for
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Unformatted text preview: active reading and responding to ALL the discussion boards. Discussion boards such as this will always be posted on Tuesday of the week. Completion due date is always the coming Saturday, 8pm. 1-1 Introduction to Financial Management What are the four basic areas of finance? What are the three types of financial management decisions, and what questions are they designed to answer? What are the three major forms of business organization? What is the goal of financial management? What are agency problems, and why do they exist within a corporation? 1-2...
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DB 1 Introduction - active reading and responding to ALL...

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