COURSE SCHEDULE - MGT 4322- 32479 ONLINE Spring 2010 COURSE...

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32479 ONLINE Spring 2010 COURSE SCHEDULE AND IMPORTANT NOTES EMAIL: You are required to check email at least every 72 hours during the term. Any course changes to the schedule, due dates, discussions, or requirements, etc., will be communicated to you via Blackboard email. You are responsible for reading your email and making any indicated changes. TUTORIALS QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE: BLACKBOARD TUTORIAL FOR STUDENTS online : BLACKBOARD TUTORIAL FOR STUDENTS pdf file to download: udent.PDF WEBSITE: ; Supports face-to-face classes only. TEXT: Obtain the text as soon as possible, but no later than the second week, and read ahead . READINGS: Obtain all readings on the schedule no later than the second week and read ahead . All readings are required and other readings may be assigned as needed. All readings in the course can be obtained electronically as discussed below. The following information is provided to help you become familiar with library resources you may need to access during the semester. Library: The library purchases print and online collections (journal and newspaper databases, etc.). Items not in one of the library’s electronic databases will be placed on electronic reserves , obtained online elsewhere at no cost, or purchased online by you. Efforts are made to keep your costs to a minimum. Whenever possible, book chapters are purchased or, if possible, placed on reserves rather than requiring you to purchase an entire book. The library may also have books in print if you prefer to come to Sugar Land or Victoria and make copies directly from a book. Electronic databases: It is important that you learn to navigate the library databases. Please consider locating the scheduled readings as part of your required participation in this course. Most readings will be in one or more of the business databases or in a newspaper database. To quickly locate journals with full text copies available, please go to the University homepage, and select Library, or go directly to the library webpage . Enter the journal name in the search box “See if we have a Journal or Magazine (TDNET)” for a list of databases. Please activate your student account at Please email if you have any library/research related questions. Electronic reserves: To access the University’s Electronic Reserves, go to the library’s webpage , select “Use Electronic Reserves”, then the name of the instructor for a list of reserve items. Click on the reading that you would like to access. Adobe Acrobat should open up and a password box will appear. The
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COURSE SCHEDULE - MGT 4322- 32479 ONLINE Spring 2010 COURSE...

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