Jason Jordan, Dr. Cloninger, ColumbiaHCA, Question 2 - 4

Jason Jordan, Dr. Cloninger, ColumbiaHCA, Question 2 - 4 -...

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MGT4322 SPRING 2010 Dr. Peggy A. Cloninger Individual Case Assignment: Columbia/HCA 2. A. The ethical theories and principals that are displayed in this case are suitable for big business but can potentially become damaging when practiced within the healthcare industry. Columbia/HCA became a machine at extracting profits from the Medicare coding systems and in doing so inevitably crossed some ethical boundaries. Richard Scott was an expert at finding ways to make a profit from sick patients using Columbia/HCA and did so in a way that was not socially responsible or very ethical. Scott applied several tactics to his revenue generating streams that would normally be used by a company such as Apple, Inc. or Microsoft, Inc. which are highly competitive and often need to gain a higher market share at every opportunity. However these tactics, when applied to the healthcare industry were looked at as hostile and began to show that the company was more concerned with staying in the black than patient care and wellbeing. A prime example of this is when a chief administrator at a Florida hospital resigned after being asked to post a sign in the emergency room stating that all patients green cards would be inspected. This effort to scare away customers simply because they couldn’t pay became a staple practice at Columbia/HCA and was ultimately the first signs of its downfall. Another example of the types of theories that Columbia/HCA used in its daily operations
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Jason Jordan, Dr. Cloninger, ColumbiaHCA, Question 2 - 4 -...

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