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Jason Jordan MGT 4322 The American Fur Company The American Fur Company, originally chartered by John Jacob Astor in 1808 was at the time one of the country’s most powerful entities. Founded to compete with the massive fur trading companies located out of Canada, its primary focus was to corner the American fur market and stop at nothing in order to do so. The company’s founder John Jacob Astor quickly became the richest man in America and owed much of his fortune and virtue to the despair and hardship of his workers and local native peoples. During his prolific reign as the czar of animal furs he created two subsidiary companies to further his dominance in the fur
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Unformatted text preview: trade market. The Pacific Fur Company was formed to take control of the Columbia River valley and the South West Company was in charge of the Great Lakes and surrounding areas. Astor also had a very ambitious mindset that helped in the creation of his greatest venture, the town of Astoria, Oregon which was once the center of his massive fur trade operation. The company was also one of the first great American trusts which helped to maintain its monopolistic status and its habitual buying and crushing of the competition. By 1834 the company was stricken with slow fur sales and was later dropped by Astor and sold to Ramsey Crooks....
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