Case study 2 - Case study 2(Major League Baseball Team...

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Case study 2 (Major League Baseball Team Values) 0917986 QMS 3311 Spring 2010 Managerial Report for Major League Baseball Team Values Major league sports teams today are a true testament of a time honored profession that has grown beyond any expectations that could have been imagined over 100 years ago. The industry has had many ups and downs but the tried and true method of measuring the success of this business is in the numbers. When trying to understand how well it is doing the most important aspects to look at include the amount of money a team is worth, the total gross sales of every game, and several other types of data that help to interpret the market. Following is a breakdown of 30 major league baseball teams and the statistical data that accompanies each team in this industry. Focusing on the descriptive statistics of the number of teams in the sample it can be determined that, the mean revenue for a team in the U.S is 119.4 million dollars which is the central point around which the data cluster is formed. The median revenue amount for a team in
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Case study 2 - Case study 2(Major League Baseball Team...

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