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Jason Jordan MGT – 3311 05/07/09 Case Assignment #1 1. To begin with I believe this information is a little more than outdated seeing as how it was published over twelve years ago. However, after reading the report and taking my own interest in researching the issue I have come to the following conclusions. First, Nike’s decisions to use overseas factories to produce and manufacture its products are a common business practice among thousands of companies in today’s market. Because of this American jobs are being lost and overseas workers are gaining all of the benefits. Looking at the text it is clear that Nike was obviously “looking the other way” when it came to the operating conditions that its overseas workers were being subjected to and because of this it began facing scrutiny. As far as labeling these choices as bad
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Unformatted text preview: business decisions or simply unethical I believe that a company is not only accountable but ultimately responsible for everyone that it employs not only nationally but also overseas. 2. In reviewing Nike’s response to the criticism that it began receiving after its allegations of sweetshops and promotions of bad sportsmanship I believe that it ultimately went about handling every situation in a negative manner. For example, when Nike was describing that national sales began falling in the late 1990’s they blamed consumers instead of looking at why people were buying other brands instead of their own. If a company is displaying a negative corporate image, sales will eventually begin to show this and customers will being turning to the competition....
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