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Ch 2, P. 66-67, GE, Dell, Intel - currently in use and some...

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Jason Jordan INFO SYSTMS IN ORGNZTNS 29052-SP09 Ch 2, P. 66-67, “GE, Dell, Intel…” 1. I believe that Information Technologies are still in their early years of development similar to that of the home PC and the Internet and consequently have a long way to travel. As far as agreeing with Nicholas Carr or not I think that his statement was haste fully put before his readers without prior knowledge or experience on his part, and in doing so are false. 2. I do believe that Information Technologies have many advantages, some of which are
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Unformatted text preview: currently in use and some have yet to be discovered and applied. In aiding to the competitive advantage of a business I know from firsthand experience that IT systems can be used to not only broaden a customer base for example but also improve productivity and production. 3. Information Technologies can provide many advantages to a business by expanding its customer base to a worldwide audience, aid in automation of production and assembly, and make workers more productive by detailing their work loads....
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