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Ch. 1 p. 5-6 Resubmit - 2 To better Sew What Inc success...

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Jason Jordan INFO SYSTMS IN ORGNZTNS 29052-SP09 Sew What?, Inc. 1. Information Technologies contributed in many varied ways toward the success of Sew What?, Inc. Primarily technology changed the way that Sew What?, Inc. was viewed by the public as well as opening it up to a worldwide audience. It also changed the way the company managed and allocated its working and manufacturing times, and its materials. The business also used information technologies to its benefit in many other areas of its operations including marketing and advertising and because of this it centered its website and company image toward that of satisfying the customer first and foremost.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. To better Sew What?, Inc. success the use of more automation (computer systems, warehousing, etc. ) would be the first step in an expansion of the business. The use of more employees would also boost the number of screens and other items made which would result in more profit for the company. 3. A family friend of mine owns a graphic design and sign making company and the use of automated order taking and/or scheduling system would be extremely beneficial. It would allow the business to be run more smoothly and also be operated at a better level....
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