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Individual Case Study 3 Ch 4, P 151-152 Jason Jordan Late Assignment 1. Why does Microsoft dominate the desktop and networked software market? - In my opinion Microsoft doesn’t actually dominate the network software market, but they do dominate the desktop software market. Microsoft domination of the desktop software market is evident through their primary product line of Microsoft Windows. It is designed to be compatible with as many different computer hardware and software applications as possible that are created by other companies. This means most applications mesh well with Microsoft. The other main competitors on the market are Apple and the different types of Linux
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Unformatted text preview: software. Apple software is designed for close integration of computer hardware and software but this means it is not compatible with many other types of computer hardware and software like Microsoft software does. Linux is also designed to be compatible with many different computer hardware and software but it isn't as mature or well developed as Microsoft Windows. 2. How successful will Microsoft be in competing with other software vendors in specific market applications? -I believe the answer to this question relies heavily on how Microsoft approaches each indivendaul sector,...
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