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Individual Case Study 4 - Individual Case Study 4 Ch 10 P...

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Individual Case Study 4 Ch 10, P 394-95 Jason Jordan 1. Why do you think the knowledge management system at Infosys faced such serious implementation challenges? - To begin with the system was setup and designed to be something that every person could use in a time of need and because of this many issues began to arise. For example when new information was needed for the system to grow and expand none became available because people did not use the Kshop software until they needed an answer or help. In essence there was a limit to where new information stopped and then became unsupported or old. Secondly the designers wanted the system to reward its users for submitting new information and it did so using monetary or points based incentives. This then caused people to only submit what they believed was worthwhile in order to gain points or money for prizes and not simply for new ideas. 2. What steps did the KM group at Infosys take to improve participation in the KM system? -
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