Internet Assignment #1 - Jason Jordan MGT 3311 Internet...

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Jason Jordan MGT – 3311 05/07/09 Internet Assignment #1 Part One: Cultivating Effective Corporate Structures 1. The Factors That Influence Corporate Culture - The State of Corporate Cultures: o Defining Corporate Culture o Gauging the Success of Transferring Cultural Knowledge - External Drivers of Corporate Culture o Economic Conditions o Globalization o Work/Life Balance Concerns 2. Seeking State-of-the-Art Practices for Managing Corporate Culture - Harness Culture to Facilitate Change and Manage Talent - Look Beyond Leadership to Strategic Direction and Talent Development - Clearly Communicate Your Organizational Values to Everyone - To Lead Well, Empower Others - Align Programs with Culture 3. Strategy Forecast: The State of Corporate Cultures in the Year 2018 - Corporate Culture Will Become More, Not Less, Important - More Organizations Will Develop Healthy Corporate Cultures - Knowledge Transfer Will Be Critical to Cultures
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- Cultures Will Need to Be Both Resilient and Agile - More Corporate Cultures Will Adopt Sustainability-Related Values
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Internet Assignment #1 - Jason Jordan MGT 3311 Internet...

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