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MGT – 3311 Jason Jordan Case Assignment #2 4/20/09 Question #1: Looking back at the mistakes that had made in its initial inception one can tell that the company’s philosophy of GBF or Get Big Fast was eventually going to cause some issues with growth. As with any new company idea a founder will want that idea to grow so that profits may be made. However this way of thinking was something that turned a good idea of growth and expansion into complete disorganization and eventual lost profits. For example, when Amazon decided to open eight new shipping and warehousing facilities it had no idea that they would realistically only need six because of lack in pre-planning. It also rushed into spending all of its new earned capital on ideas such as and, both of which ended up becoming losses for the company. In the long run I believe that will need to reorganize the way its assets and liabilities are managed. Question #2:
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