Term paper - Term paper(100 points Each student will select...

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Each student will select a company or a strategic business unit (“the company”). You will find the relevant up-to-date information about the company and its marketing activities and write a paper about the company’s marketing strategies. You are expected to analyze, criticize, and evaluate the company’s marketing strategies and activities. In addition, you should provide your recommendation to improve the company’s marketing strategies. The instructor will look for evidence that you understand the class material, data, and ideas your paper presents. Grade: Term paper grades are subjective and are assigned solely at my discretion; however, the underlying foundation of a good term paper is sound data, market intelligence, logic, feasibility, and information. In the absence of data, reliance will be on conjecture and logic. Selecting the Company: You are strongly encouraged to choose the company you are currently working for. You can also select the company listed in the major stock markets. You may focus on only a product/service or a product line. It is very important that you can access to the company’s information (e.g., businesses, industries, competition, market environment, etc.). The company and products/services must be approved by the instructor. Two (or more) students are not allowed to choose the same company. If one company is selected by two (or more) students, I will consider approving the selected company on the first-come, first-serve basis. Paper Format: The paper shall not exceed 10 pages (including everything) and must be double- spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font, with pages numbered consecutively throughout the entire paper. Allow margins of at least one inch on all four sides. You must properly cite author’s work (e.g., articles, books, web content, etc.). APA writing style is strongly encouraged (see Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association). The deadline for term paper submission is Apr 27, 2009 (05:00PM). Penalty for late submission is possible. Term Paper Outline Guideline See also 1. Company Objectives and Goals Identify the company objectives and goals 2. Marketing Environment Analysis (micro and macro) Examine the company’s key micro- and macro-environmental factors and explain how these factors impact the company A summary of marketing environmental analyses results in SWOT analysis table. · Chapter 2 and 3 3. Market Segmentation and Target Market(s) Examine how the company segments the market Identify the target market for the selected products/services Identify the customers in the target market, including Who are the customers? What are their needs and wants? Determine consumer desire for
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Term paper - Term paper(100 points Each student will select...

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