Blood purge

Blood purge - Blood purge rohm and top SA leadership are...

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Blood purge - rohm and top SA leadership are arrested and gunned down, and anyone on Hitlers enemy list is also murdered at this time Dual state – Nazis portray the regime as a monolithic dictatorship, unified, one nation, one ppl, one leader but this wasn’t the case in reality, dual nature of a party hierarchy and a government hierarchy that created the idea of a dual state – 2 systesm, the normative system, the civil service was still there, ppl were being arrested, brought to court, etc but another system in which ppl could be arrested, sent to concentration camps and put away, operated side by side a reflection of a dual state Four pillars (franz Neumann) – rejected dual state idea, more fragmented than that, a series of functional blocks that run different sects of society, 4 pillars or power blocks each performing different major functions and hitler resided above this very divided system, the military, economy, civil service and gov. and party formation – each with its
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