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Czerniakow-Warsaw – 5 dominant personalities in various ghettos, initially all face some common problems, overcrowding (problem of housing everyone) get ppl to move into apartments, many families per room 3 layers (ppl who were living in what becomes ghetto, ppl from other parts of the city, ppl from the surrounding villages and towns) causes disparate levels of wealth, poorest die first, food is another problem, inadequate – jews who worked elsewhere lost access, whole pop imprisoned, result is that very quickly starvation sets in, epidemics explode smuggling ops set up and offering germsn labor in factor in ghetto or outside, trade labor for food this manages to keep jews alive because they hve organization, epidemics – typhuhs, public health systems needed, organize system of doctors etc. having a jewish leadershpip cannot be seen as destruct or counter produ. But it kept jews alive. Turning point of 41 – goal is to kill jews, ghettos turn from warehouse to stages for mass murder, serves the purpose of holding prisoners until they can be
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