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Daniel Goldhagen

Daniel Goldhagen - Daniel Goldhagen Hitlers willing...

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Daniel Goldhagen – Hitlers willing executioners – german culture afflicated by eliminationst anti-Semitism that distinguishes it from run of the mill anti-semitism, german culture was pregnant with genocide, Nazis were the midwives of genocidal birth, hitler unleashed germans, unshackled their yearning, a culturally imprinted characterisitic We have to get away from notion of deformed personality or deformed culture that only a ceratin kind of ppl and look to wider explanations that involved human nature and group dynamics, situational factors, organizational factors, institutional factors Ash – conformity experiments, unwitting subject doesn’t know that confederates are working against him, distinguish b/w line lengths, subject has choice to challenge everyone by choosing obvious answer of go along and avoide confronting fears and not be the outlier – ppl take the easy way out and answer as ppl have done before them, conform, even if correct answer is utterly obvious. Explains that there is a
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