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Death camps - Death camps arise out of the final soluation...

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Death camps – arise out of the final soluation, hold large numbers of ppl but not for protective custoy, but kill ppl on an assembly line basis. Deportation of eichman, concentration camps, and gas systems, all brought together to make these death camps o Chelmno o Belzec o Sobibor o Treblinka – barely in a yr has a SS of 30 ppl, guard force of 100, prisoner work squad of 800, empting gass chambers, shaving, collecting clothes,kills 950,000. So much more than mobile firing squads can do Operation Reinhard – camps in the general gov the four above, where the ghettos were emptied, to work force past gathering close and disposing body, Blezex, sobibor, Treblinka,murder of the jews of the general gov. Auschwitz-Birkenau-Monowitz (Buna) – combines functions of conecetration camp, labor camp, and death camp. Starts out with auschitwz I which is concentration camp of political prisoners, Auschwitz II – is birkenau is the death camps, Monowitz –
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