Dual Revolution

Dual Revolution - Dual Revolution transforms European...

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Dual Revolution – transforms European society o Liberalism/Nationalism: political Creation of liberalism as mainstream political culture, politics set on new basis, old notion that kingdom are ruled by kings who rule by divine right whos people are the subjects o the king gives way to popular sovereignty and human rights “all men are created equal and are endowed by the creator certain inalienable rights” politics is based on protecting the rights and interests of the ppl, a contract b/w ppl and their government, ppl are citizens of a state with rights that are protected by the state State was to correspond with the ppl (members of the nation, citizens of the state) State had the right to draft all able-bodied men, the citizens army o Industrial revolution – economic transformation Previously, 90-95% of the ppl produced just enough to sustain themselves and just enough surplus for the elite to thrive IR unlocks productive potential so that a minority of the pop can grown
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